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The Tale of Legendary Yokai sneek peak

Many years ago men and their companionship roamed the streets. Peace might have been far from accomplished, but never had the world seen a war with such great destruction that not many would survive. This world, said to have been created by supernatural forces, belonged to the three great clans and their ghostly friends. The Koizumi clan from the west, the Kawamoto clan from the south and the Kurogane clan from the northeast. Everyone that had some kind of important status had forged a contract with a yokai. Some were very weak and some were immensely strong, but all were good companionship. Until the nights that must remain unspoken.
The Kurogane were blacksmiths by nature. Forging metal in their desired objects. The business itself was very profitable. It is unsure if many blacksmiths created coins for their own good, but what we do know is that the Kurogane’s were and are the wealthiest clan of all three. Still, greedy as they were they craved for more. Whether it was more power or more land. In fact they wanted more of everything. Thus, the leader of said clan ordered his workers to make the most advanced weapons the world had ever seen. They were made with sweat and tears. A deathly mixture of steel and yokai blood was inserted to crave for ultimate strength. Night after night they forged the metal until they had reached perfection. The weapons of choice diverged from blades to katanas and even maces. All for solely one purpose. To bring forth destruction.
On a dark night, one that had better been forgotten, several Kurogane clan members left their base. They rode on black horses, carrying the steel weapons they had forged. The nearly invisible horse riders had a destination in mind. They were headed south. Along the way the soldiers got in high spirits. They sung about the most horrible things that shall not be recalled. In their minds they had already won the fight. The fighters arrived with loud battle cries. Fire, which the townspeople later referred to as hellfire, surrounded them. The horses were so scared, they pranced and neighed. This resulted into the men to fall off. Quickly they stood. Running into the village as madmen, followed by the horses that had gone out of utter control. The awakening sounds of the villagers were muted by the loud appraisement for Kurogane.
The men of Kawamoto seemed to float out of their houses, as if they were mere ghosts. Their light eyes were empty and made the attackers stop in fear for a moment. The loss of expression was more worrisome than any other look could have been. Overcoming their fears the men of Kurogane grabbed their devices and came at the enemy with immense speed. Some men fell to the ground. Coughing blood and shielding the flesh wound with their hands, for their pride was too big to let fellow clan members have seen their shortcomings. The heartless laughs of the Kurogane fighters filled the air. Yet, some members did not have reason to laugh. Their blades were now struck to the wall after some Kawamoto had successfully evaded their rapid attack. Their fingers seemed to be glued to the metal, for they could not loosen them. They screamed in panic. Summoning the yokai they had bonded with. Other members fled further into the village. Creating fire that burned the houses they passed.
With a reasonable and almost emotionless approach the Kawamoto that stood outside began to aid the wounded ones. Others that couldn’t be of much need tried to lure the children and wives out of their houses. Helping out the ones with higher status first. The steps of zori were overshadowed by the hissing of the Kurogane yokai. The catlike creatures that had suddenly appeared had stretched their tails. A sign of huge discomfort and rage. A white panther growled, as did the other ghostly creatures. The arrival of a man that was wearing a richly embroidered kimono had caught their attention. The men with very light eyes looked upon the poor souls of Kurogane and said: ‘We of Kawamoto will never forget this day. From this day forth we are mutual enemies. Their higher-ups shall be informed.’
With that information he was about to take his leave again. If it had not been for a yokai to attack him, the man would have survived. The creature set his claws into the flesh. Tearing out pieces without regret. The men that were still attached to the wall began to shout. They were blinded by fear, as the yokai turned around and showed his bloody teeth to his master and companions. In his jaw was a limp that had been colored blood red. Suddenly the men were freed and the weapons fell onto the ground. Driven completely mad by the suspense, the lads destroyed everything in their way. Houses, gardens, bushes, members of the Kawamoto clan that escaped in their own pace, but even yokai and fellow soldiers had become the victim. Everything in the tiny village that was very close to the border that divided the Kawamoto and Kurogane nations had been died red. When dawn broke not much was left of the village or even the attackers. Later on it was found out that the members of Kurogane had been intoxicated with booze.

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