maandag 12 maart 2012

Eraser 2.0

‘I don’t consider us friends anymore,’ said Shogo in such a cold voice it send shivers down Miharu’s spine. The handsome boy clenched his fists. His usual outgoing behavior was nowhere to be found. With this cold gaze in eyes, he seemed like another person. The wind blew his bangs in front of his eyes.
Miharu looked down. She was just as troubled as the boy that stood across from her. She had crawled herself up and started sobbing. The back of her hand could not hold back the tears from falling down her cheek. They landed on the cemetery as raindrops.

For a while both  remained silent. Shogo just stared into the distance with his mouth formed into a sarcastic smirk. Miharu slightly lifted up her chin. Looking for an explanation in Shogo’s eyes. All she could find were the snowflakes that fell from the sky.
‘What about all the times we had fun? Have you forgotten about them, Shogo?’ she asked through her tears.
As the fragile Koizumi recalled these good times her sniffing increased. Where had that boy with the everlasting smile gone? What had happened to him? Would Shogo be okay?
‘Fun? I don’t know what your kind of fun is, but I didn’t really enjoy myself. You’re holding me back, Miharu and I’m sick of it. I’ll decide what to do or not,’ Shogo said when he finally dared to look Miharu in the eyes.
‘But...’ she only managed to stumble.
‘No! Shut up! Stop bitching about it. You’re irritating,’ said Shogo in such an angry voice that it scared Miharu.
‘I’m sorry,’ she said softly. Wiping away all the teardrops from her eyes. ,I’m not trying to upset you. Can’t we work this out?’
Shogo made a sniffing sound that sounded like ‘heh’ and used his infamous smirk to match the attitude.
‘Don’t you get it? I don’t want to.’ The sentence had stopped very suddenly. Miharu wasn’t sure if she imagined Shogo continuing it in his mind.  For the words she heard didn’t match his cold appearance. I don’t want to do this, but this is for the best.

When the two childhood friends faced each other again, Shogo did something very unexpected – he smiled with such a pure intensity that the girl couldn’t help but blush. How would she ever be able to survive without that sparkling smile? How could she give up on a bond that was so precious to her? When her eyes began to tear up once again she wrapped her arms around Shogo’s chest. How could he be so warm during such a cold winter day?
‘Don’t go, please,’ said the redhead in between her tears.
The Asian boy looked troubled for a quick second, while he did nothing to stop her. Then he gently pushed her away. Gazing at her with a look that was colder than the snowflakes that fell upon them. Seconds after, Shogo turned his back towards Miharu. He raised his hand and walked away. Miharu waited for him to turn around and smile at her once more. She waited until the footprints of his converse were brushed away by a new load of snow.

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