donderdag 1 maart 2012

Shogo Kurogane - that one boy

Shogo Kurogane is that one boy that knows how to lit up a whole room. Whenever he wants something his dark eyes light up. If he’s sporting that charming smile and intensely looking at you, it’s a sign he wants you. When he’s running his hand through his perfectly silky, but messy hair – which takes him more effort than he will admit – he’s seeking for attention again. Even if you do not want to look at him, it’s hard to resist this charming young boy. He will work girls like a charm with his self-proclaimed ‘magic  touch’. Alas, behind this teenage playboy hides a rebel looking for affection and acknowledgement. His smile and outgoing behavior hide many secrets. Shogo has a short temper though. When he is angry he will clamp his fists together, staring into the distance. His lips are curved into something between a smirk and a sarcastic smile. Even at this moment his eyes will pierce right through you, but the light seems to have fled from them.

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